Ergonomic Oar Grips for River Enthusiasts

 Naturally form-fitting design leads to less fatigue and eliminates unwanted oar spin.  Increased surface area in contact with hands allows for more powerful strokes and intuitive feathering.  Dual thumb placement options provide maximum comfort, control, and responsiveness.  Ergonomic design places the wrist and thumb in a neutral position throughout the stroke.

Gilman Oar Grips is the first in the world to offer an ergonomic handed rowing grip.


Designed for fishing guides and anglers, drift boats, whitewater rafting, or just getting out on the river, never miss a stroke with the Gilman Oar Grip. Fully compatible with Cataract Oars, Sawyer Oars, and Edge Oars, the Gilman Grips patented design directly orients the rowing blade into the water with a precise feathering angle, and ergonomically neutral position of the wrist and thumb.

This unique design keeps the blade near the surface of the water, eliminates unwanted oar-spin, and prevents missed strokes. In fact, there is virtually no setup time between strokes. Intuitive feathering, instant rowing feedback, and powerful strokes equal less shoulder and wrist fatigue.  Never miss another stroke!